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Monday October 10, 2022 comments

Hello! I'm Scott Thieman, an inventor, engineer, self-proclaimed chef and BBQ postmaster, and serial entrepreneur. Thanks for visiting The Shaker Maker website! I'll be telling you about our stainless steel metal lids that fit on mason jars, our Kickstarter campaign, our journey, and more!


I grew up on a farm five miles from town, and spent a lot of time building things with my dad's hand tools. Later, I started work later in the sheetmetal industry, where I learned all aspects of fabrication. After 20 years, I launched my own very successful garage organizer, the Holey Rail. NASA bought 5 sets! I've brought three other products to market, and mentored someone else's product. 

In 2020, I had a created line of custom spice blends that I was excited about, but had no dispenser from which to shake them. They just didn't work! With 35 years' sheet metal fabrication experience, I designed a NEW spice shaker to fit my passion for spices and BBQ. These lids open up to different sizes from small to large, for many different uses: salt and spices dispenser, drink container with straw holder, butter warmer, oil lantern, snack dispenser, party favor, and more! These custom lids fit standard mason jars of all sizes, and are dishwasher safe, reusable, repurposable, and recyclable. They can even be engraved with fun designs!

Now I'm launching a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise money for the equipment to create these lids on the larger scale, raw materials, laser cutter for custom engraving, and other fabricating equipment. The first goal will be $20K. I hope to launch on November first, which is fast approaching.

If we reach my first funding goal, I might add additional cool rewards and goals to meet at the $30K funding level. We'll bring in two tier storage racks as a reward, which will require a CNC machine.

In addition, my custom spice blends for BBQ and all dishes have gotten a lot of praise from friends and family. I'll be selling those on thhis website, too - that branch is called "Wheelhouse Rubs."

Connect with our campaign via the Kickstarter webpage link, and follow us on this social media – 

Facebook and Instagram will be launching soon, so stay tuned, and check back here and the Kickstarter pages often. We'll also be starting an email newsletter soon. More info to come!



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